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Exemption from Liability Clause
The contents incorporated into the website have been prepared at all times in good faith with the purpose of providing information to users, so the company does not assume any type of responsibility regarding the integrity or accuracy of the aforementioned information nor does it guarantee its accuracy. nor the updating of the information that can be obtained from it, which may be modified without prior notice. Nor is it responsible for any typographical, formal or numerical errors that the website may contain.

ASESORIA JJM-MONTESINOS S.L. is not responsible for any misuse that users may make of the website.

1. Responsibility for the operation of the website.
CRISTINA SOLER PASTOR will try to minimize the problems caused by technical errors, and may proceed to temporarily suspend the services and contents of the website to carry out maintenance, improvement or repair operations thereof, without this giving rise to any compensation to the user for these concepts.

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La empresa no asume responsabilidad alguna respecto de los daños que pudieran ocasionar al usuario a resultas de la consulta de la presente página web, o de aquellas otras externas objeto de reenvío. La empresa no será responsable en caso de que existan interrupciones del servicio, o mal funcionamiento del mismo que tengan su origen en supuestos de caso fortuito, fuerza mayor u otras causas que escapan de su control. 2. Responsabilidad por el uso de enlaces La empresa no asume ninguna responsabilidad derivada de la existencia de enlaces entre los contenidos de este sitio y contenidos situados fuera del mismo, o de cualquier otra mención de contenidos externos a este sitio. La página dispone de enlaces a nuestros perfiles en las redes sociales. En el caso de que la empresa constate por algún medio la ilicitud de la página web, o que lesiona bienes o derechos de un tercero susceptibles de indemnización, la empresa suprimirá o inutilizará dicho enlace. La presencia de otros enlaces en el sitio web tiene una finalidad meramente informativa, no constituyendo en ningún caso una invitación o recomendación a la contratación de productos o servicios que se ofrezcan en el sitio de Internet de destino, y en ningún caso implican el apoyo a las personas o entidades autoras de tales contenidos o titulares de los sitios donde se encuentren.


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The company does not assume any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the user as a result of consulting this website, or any other external pages that are forwarded. The company will not be responsible in the event that there are interruptions in the service, or malfunctions of the same that originate in cases of fortuitous event, force majeure or other causes that are beyond its control. 2. Responsibility for the use of links The company does not assume any responsibility derived from the existence of links between the contents of this site and content located outside it, or any other mention of content external to this site. The page has links to our profiles on social networks. In the event that the company establishes by any means the illegality of the website, or that it damages property or rights of a third party susceptible to compensation, the company will delete or disable said link. The presence of other links on the website has a purely informative purpose, not constituting in any case an invitation or recommendation to contract products or services offered on the destination Internet site, and in no case do they imply support for the persons or entities responsible for such content or owners of the sites where they are found.



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